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Posted by MortalKombatX on June 3, 2014 at 11:10 PM

3-D characters made with MK: Armaggeddon's Kreate-A-Fighter.  Raiden as a silhouette, talking to Shinnok and Izanami, is based on the silhouette of a Raiden Halloween costume, and the sky in that panel was from a photo I took in my own backyard with a cell phone.  I just had to edit out power lines, by copying and pasting the sky and clouds.  Incidentally, in Halloween 2013, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I saw at least THREE people dressed as Raiden alone: one in white and blue, one in red, and one for Dark Raiden.  And that's just counting Raiden costumes.

Mortal Kombat: BitStrips Edition

"Some day I'll have my own game."

A comic strip based on the footage of Mortal Kombat's actors in costume being filmed for the game.

The reason I started making Mortal Kombat sprite comics was at the suggestion of my brother Justin, aka ]{0MBAT, maker of the Kombat Pavilion web-site (

BitStrips is this whole Facebook thing and I quickly learned that it could be manipulated to look close enough to Mortal Kombat characters.

I never used to believe that a lot could be accomplished with sprite comics, until I noticed something, which you can see in my oldest Blog on this site.  Ideas from comic strips in 2006 . . . looking just like stuff used in Mortal Kombat in 2011!

Suddenly, I saw this vision.  Create a sprite comic as if I were designing an entire elaborate game.  Create sprite comics less with the attitude that these are just doodles and scribbles for amusement, that "won't go anywhere big".  I had to take those words back.  Create sprite comics more with an attitude of empowerment, I decided.  Look at my oldest blog entry to understand what I mean.

My inspiration for making MK Mythologies: Raiden was the amazing-ness of MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero.  That game is the opposite of mainstream arcade action.  It's more meant to be seen inside the home.  It just creates an amazing world of fiction not identical to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, or even Street Fighter II.  Mortal Kombat is its own world of mythology.  I asked myself, if I could make an entire game, as amazing as Mythologies: Sub-Zero, what would I make?  Mythologies: Raiden, expanding on MK4's backstory, so more deeply exploring old terrain instead of inserting an entirely new chapter like Deception or Armageddon.  It should really feel unchanged from the mentality of Mortal Kombat enthusiasm in 1997.

Finally, as for Slumberland, look up Little Nemo in Slumberland.  A very separate topic from Mortal Kombat, a comic strip from 1905.  Maybe not entirely: Shao Kahn "wakes up" from his dream where he talked to Shinnok, waking up like Little Nemo in Slumberland, in my second script.

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